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Tool Design & Fabrication

Experience. Quality. Leading Edge Technology.

Paradigme Engineering Tool DesignFor more than 20 years, based on our integrity and craftsmanship, Paradigme Engineering, LLC, has earned the trust of its diverse customer base. We have developed a reputation for routinely meeting our customer’s most difficult and demanding tooling and mold component challenges.

Whatever your tooling application requires – at Paradigme Engineering, LLC we deliver and our word is our bond. We combine an experienced design and engineering team with the utilization of advanced technologies and equipment. At every step you can expect careful consultation, attention to detail and customized services that meet your needs and produce quality results.

We Provide:

Mold Types:

Paradigme Engineering Mold Assembly

  • Thermoplastic and elastomeric injection
  • Silicone
  • Multi-cavity
  • Two-shot
  • Micro
  • Ceramic
  • Unscrewing
  • Spin stack molds
  • Cube molds
  • Insert molding
  • Metal Injection
  • Etc.


  • Skilled craftsman support our in-house mold polishing and finishing services

Complete Mold Repair and Maintenance Services

Mold Sampling and Qualification (through our sister company Teamvantage):

  • 20 tons - 715 tons (micro-molds to large format tooling)
  • Moldflow
  • First article inspection
  • Capability studies
  • Etc.

High Quality Molds Produce High Quality Product

Innovation: You will like working with Paradigme Engineering, LLC. Our designers are highly experienced with a dedicated interest to our customers’ needs. They understand the demands of today's exacting tooling requirements.

Experience: Paradigme Engineering, LLC has a proven track record of manufacturing some of the best molds in the industry by infusing creativity with leading edge technology. We have some of the most experienced and conscientious employees in the industry.

Versatility: Paradigme Engineering, LLC can offer you a full range of tooling and design services. Our versatility and experience has allowed us to successfully serve a vast array of companies spanning numerous industries with a wide range of requirements.

Interchangeability: Our craftsmanship and manufacturing discipline create precision molds and tooling that provide you the benefits of full interchangeability of components. The added advantages for our customers are lower maintenance costs, longer mold life, and more consistent product quality.

Technology: Paradigme Engineering, LLC will design and manufacture molds that meet or exceed all customer requirements.

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